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Can Common Ailments Be Treated with Alternative Medicine?

In this day and age, it’s commonly accepted that modern medicine is used to treat a range of medical conditions; some of which are treatable in the short term, while others may require longer durations of treatment. Due to the chemicals present within many of these drugs, many people are turning to alternative medicine in an effort to reduce their exposure, whilst still receiving treatment.

There are plenty of ailments out there that can stand to benefit from more variants to modern medications – in fact centuries ago, before the advances in modern medicinal products that are available today; people would have relied on a range of holistic and natural therapies. These treatments were often used to treat emotional and physical conditions in equal measure, with several of them being highly acclaimed even today.

But can they really help to treat common ailments, such as a cold, or even strained muscles? In short, the answer would be yes and here are a few in particular that offer quite a substantial range of benefits.

Herbal Remedies

For centuries now, people have been turning to herbs and spices for help with treating particular conditions. The natural anti-oxidants and immune system stimulating properties can be found in a range of herbal treatments, from teas that contain ingredients that have been harvested from natural sources, to organically extracted oral pills – herbs have been helping to enhance health and sustain life for years and they certainly look set to continue doing so.

Chinese Medicine

Although Chinese culture has relied on its fair share of herbal medication, the development of other practices has also developed in the region; and only recently have they spread into the wider world. Acupuncture is one of these holistic therapies and it can be used to treat muscle and joint pain, while massage can be ideal for those wanting to unwind and de-stress.


Naturopathic treatments rely on a range of organic therapies that call upon the power of nature in a bid to heal physical and emotional wounds. In the past, this method of treatment was little understood, but these days it can be practiced by anyone with medical qualifications in the field of natural treatment (typically Naturopathic Medical Doctors (NMDs). It relies on a range of natural remedies to aid in repair and recovery, and it is often used as an assisting therapy for those recovering from alcohol and drug addictions.


This unique method of treatment relies on providing a carefully measured dose of a particular set of natural ingredients, which when consumed in smaller doses, can help to treat common symptoms. The trick is to introduce the body to a smaller amount, so that it may learn to fight the symptoms that can occur when exposed to larger quantities. Studies have shown that this natural alternative can be incredibly effective when practiced by medical experts.