Pre Enrollment Policy

Selection, Enrolment & Orientation
Selection and enrolment at SIEC is carried out in an ethical and responsible manner and we encourage
people to apply for enrolment without discrimination through a variety of means.
All applications will be assessed by a SIEC administration officer in order to make sure the applicants are
suitable for the course they would like to enrol in. On the first day of the course, the SIEC orientation
program will be carried out to ensure all new students are familiar with the college’s services, facilities and
procedures. And they will be provided with the copy of the Orientation Guide.
Student Visa Requirement
All students should be aware of the following student visa requirements:
 Students must study a full-time course which is a minimum of 20 contact hours per week.
 Students must attend a minimum of 80% of all scheduled classes for each week or term.
 Students must provide current and accurate contact details to the college. If contact details change,
students are required to give a change of details form to the college in 5 working days.
 Students who obtain work right on their visa are able to work up to 20 hours per week while the course is in
 School-aged dependents accompanying you to Australia are required to pay full fees if they are enrolled in
either a government or non-government school.
For more information about visa conditions, visit
SIEC’s student handbook and attendance monitoring policy & procedure are downloadable from its website.
Please visit and download the files for more information.
Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
All international visitors to Australia under a student visa are required to have Overseas Student Health
Cover (OSHC). Students are required to pay for this cover prior to arriving in Australia. Students are
covered by the OSHC from the day they arrive in Australia until the end of date of their visa.
 On enrolment, all international students must pay a fee for health insurance in accordance with the length
of their course.
 SIEC forwards payment and application on behalf of new students to Medibank.
For more information please visit
 Medibank can take up to 4 weeks to process applications and send the Medibank card back to SIEC.
Level 6, 127 Liverpool Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Tel. : +61 2 9264 0073 / 9264 0079 Fax. +61 2 9264 0087
Postal Address : PO BOX 242, Chatswood, NSW 2057, Australia
Email: Website:
ABN: 17 121 012 940/ CRICOS Provider Code: 02871C
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 If you have any health problems before receiving the card you are still covered. When you go to the doctor
and pay for you consultation, you must ask for a receipt. Medibank will reimburse your money provided
you produce the receipt.
(Medibank Fees 2012 – AUD)
Lengths Single Family
3 months 120 240
6 months 240 480
9 months 360 720
12 months 480 960
Accommodation & Living Costs
Estimated living costs for an international student are approximately AU $18,000 per year.
This covers food, accommodation, travel, entertainment and clothing.
Student who wants SIEC to organise the accommodation needs to send an accommodation application
and signed agreement at least 2 weeks before his/her scheduled arrival date in Australia.
For the accommodation applications, please see the appendix at the end of this information sheet.
Sample weekly budget
 Accommodation Fee: $100 – $150 (For a room in a shared house or apartment)
 Food: $50 – $90
 Transportation: $30 – $50
Accommodation Options for students:
 Homestay – SIEC’s homestay services provide an opportunity to stay with an Australian family and
experience the Australian culture and lifestyle. If you need a homestay, we ask our students to give us at
least 4 weeks notice by submitting a homestay application form. The minimum stay is 4 weeks.
 Hostel Accommodation: This is a popular option for international students, especially in the first months of
their arrival.
A small, furnished room is provided with access to a shared bathroom, laundry, lounge. It is recommended
that students considering Hostel accommodation options look at 2 or 3 properties prior to making a
decision. Many hostels are privately run and as such come under the Rooming House Act. Please note, if
the student signs a lease, they are covered by the Residential Tenancies Act.
 Apartment / Flat rental varies greatly in cost and cost and conditions. For long term arrangements, it is
strongly advised that the student is familiar with the suburb or area. For purposes of bond payment and
moving arrangements the student must be available to sign agreements. For this reason, international
students are advised to secure short term accommodation upon arrival so that flat and apartment hunting
may be started after they have settled in and begun to seek out areas they would like to live in.
ESOS Framework
SIEC is registered on CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutes and courses for Overseas Students).
SIEC Pre-enrolment Information Ver 1.2 02/12/2011
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Education Providers who appear on CRICOS Register are governed by the ESOS (Education Services for
Overseas Students) Framework which consists of a number of pieces of legislation including the ESOS Act
2000 and National Code of Practice 2007 for Registration Authorities and Providers of Education within
Australian Education Institutes. For further information please visit
Provider Default
If SIEC does not offer a course on the advertised starting date, terminates a course after the course start
date or before the course completion or does not provide a course as advertised due to sanctions by any
authority, SIEC will pay a full refund to the student within 2 weeks after the default date.
Student Complaints & Appeals Procedure
SIEC is committed to create a positive learning environment and provide student support services which are
free of coercion, unfair treatment or harassment of student. Students are encouraged to achieve their
personal best through the provision of valid learning assessment tools and open Complaints Policy to
address any student complaints or appeals and provide that outcomes are recorded in writing. The policy
and procedure for making appeal and complaints are explained on the first day of the course through the
orientation session but it is also downloadable from our website.
Student can find detailed information from our student handbook.
Student Deferral, Suspension & Cancellation of Enrolment
Student enrolment can be deferred, suspended or cancelled in limited circumstances by SIEC or by the
student. When deferral, suspension or cancellation is initiated by SIEC, students have the right to appeal the
decision. Any students who change a course start date MUST send a request in writing to SIEC to be offered
a new scheduled course start date.
Personal Information and Privacy
Personal Information provided by any student may be made available to Commonwealth and State agencies,
in accordance with legislative requirements. In addition, the college is required to provide information about
the attendance, academic performance and address of students, and any breaches of student visa
Protection of Student Fees
SIEC protects students’ fees through the ACPET Assurance Fund.
In line with AQTF and ESOS regulations, SIEC will issue refunds as per the conditions stated below.
Conditions of Enrolment
Payment of Fees: Full fees including tuition fees, enrolment fee, overseas student health cover and other
optional fees must be received by the college prior to commencement of study.
SIEC Pre-enrolment Information Ver 1.2 02/12/2011
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Cancellation and Refund Policy
1. The Enrolment processing Fees, Accommodation placement Fees and Airport Pick-up Fees are non-refundable
whether you complete your course or not.
2. Course Fees are refundable in full if a visa application is refused by DIAC. SIEC reserves the right to retain the $300
as an administration fee. Your application for a refund must be made in writing to SIEC together with a copy of visa
rejection notification from the Australian Embassy / High Commission / DIAC. All fees will be refunded in the case of
SIEC canceling or ceasing to provide a course.
3. When SIEC cancels the course
SIEC reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a course.
a) If SIEC cancels any course before its commencement, course monies will be refunded in full within 2 weeks of
notification of cancellation as per the ESOS Act 2000.
b) If SIEC terminates any course after the course commencement date, the student will have the choice of 2 options.
SIEC will arrange for the transfer of the student to another institution offering a similar course at no extra expense to
the student or all course monies paid to date will be refunded within 2 weeks of notification of termination as per
ESOS Act 2000.
4. When a student cancels the course
a) If an enrolment is cancelled more than 28 days prior to commencement of the course, there will be a cancellation fee
equivalent to 25% of tuition fees.
b) If an enrolment is cancelled less than 28 days prior to commencement of the course, there will be a cancellation fee
equivalent to 50% of tuition fees.
c) If the student does not commence on the agreed date without any prior notification, or withdraw from the course once
has commenced, there will be no refund.
5. Course fees will not be refunded on or after commencement of the course.
6. Where 2 or more courses are packaged, the conditions apply to all elements. If enrolment fee is waived due to special
conditions/offers, all refunds attract an administration charge of $150. Please note that for packaged courses, the
course start date is taken to be the start date of the first course.
7. Where a visa has not been granted in time to start a course on the agreed date, the student must contact SIEC in
writing and SIEC will offer another starting date without extra charge otherwise clause 2, 3, 4 above will apply.
8. All refunds will be made in Australian Dollars (AUD) or equivalent foreign exchange value at the time of the refund.
Payment of refunds will not be made directly to students in Australia but sent to the student’s overseas address or
through the appointed agent.
9. Any payable refund will be settled within 4 weeks after written claim is received. In the case of provider default, it will
be made within 2weeks.
10. All clients’ requests for refunds must be submitted in writing.
11. All refunds will only be made payable to the person(s) who made the initial payment.
12. Course Fees are not transferable to another student or institution.
13. Bank charges are deducted for refunds made by bank draft or electronic transfer.
14. Personal insurance and student expenses are not included in the fees quoted and are responsibility of the student.
* It is student’s obligation to notify SIEC of change of address. SIEC and this policy do not remove the right to take
further action under Australia’s Consumer Protection Laws or pursue other legal remedies compatible with
Commonwealth or State laws.
SIEC contact details
Address Level 6,127 Liverpool St, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia
Phone +61 (2) 9264 0073 / 9264 0079
Fax +61 (2) 9264 0087
SIEC Pre-enrolment Information Ver 1.2 02/12/2011