Refund Policy

Conditions of Enrolment

Payment of Fees: Full fees including tuition fees, enrolment fee, overseas student health cover and other optional fees must be received by the college prior to commencement of study.

Cancellation and refund policy

1. The Enrolment processing Fees, Accommodation placement Fees and Airport Pick-up Fees are non-refundable whether you complete your course or not.

2. Course Fees are refundable in full if a visa application is refused by DIAC. SIEC reserves the right to retain the $300 as an administration fee. Your application for a refund must be made in writing to SIEC together with a copy of visa rejection notification from the Australian Embassy / High Commission / DIAC. All fees will be refunded in the case of SIEC canceling or ceasing to provide a course.

3. When SIEC cancels the course
SIEC reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a course.
a) If SIEC cancels any course before its commencement, course monies will be refunded in full within 2 weeks
of notification of cancellation as per the ESOS Act 2000.
b) If SIEC terminates any course after the course commencement date, the student will have the choice of 2 options.
SIEC will arrange for the transfer of the student to another institution offering a similar course at no extra expense
to the student or all course monies paid to date will be refunded within 2 weeks of notification of termination
as per ESOS Act 2000.

4. When a student cancels the course
a) If an enrolment is cancelled more than 28 days prior to commencement of the course,
there will be a cancellation fee equivalent to 25% of tuition fees.
b) If an enrolment is cancelled less than 28 days prior to commencement of the course,
there will be a cancellation fee equivalent to 50% of tuition fees.
c) If the student does not commence on the agreed date without any prior notification,
or withdraw from the course once has commenced, there will be no refund.

5. Course fees will not be refunded on or after commencement of the course.

6. Where 2 or more courses are packaged, the conditions apply to all elements. If enrolment fee is waived due to special conditions/offers, all refunds attract an administration charge of $150. Please note that for packaged courses, the course start date is taken to be the start date of the first course.

7. a visa has not been granted in time to start a course on the agreed date, the student must contact SIEC in writing and SIEC will offer another starting date without extra charge otherwise clause 2, 3, 4 above will apply.

8. All refunds will be made in Australian Dollars (AUD) or equivalent foreign exchange value at the time of the refund. Payment of refunds will not be made directly to students in Australia but sent to the student’s overseas address or through the appointed agent.

9. Any payable refund will be settled within 4 weeks after written claim is received. In the case of provider default, it will be made within 2weeks.

10. All clients’ requests for refunds must be submitted in writing.

11. All refunds will only be made payable to the person(s) who made the initial payment.

12. Course Fees are not transferable to another student or institution.

13. Bank charges are deducted for refunds made by bank draft or electronic transfer

14. Personal insurance and student expenses are not included in the fees quoted and are responsibility of the student.

* It is student’s obligation to notify SIEC of change of address.
SIEC and this policy do not remove the right to take further action under Australia’s Consumer Protection Laws or pursue other legal remedies compatible with Commonwealth or State laws.